One thing that everyone can agree upon all around the world is that people will never stop using pens. Businesses place advertisements on pens for a very good reason. These types of pens help companies remind consumers about their products or services. Advertisements are normally placed on the side of the pen with information like the company’s name, address, and phone number making it easy for customers to keep in contact. Because pens are frequently borrowed or passed around from other people, pens with advertisements are an ideal means of reaching new customers.

Pens! Pens! Are Everywhere!

Promotional pens are everywhere you turn. There’s no getting away from them and who would want to? Few people can say that they have never used one. Just look around any office, supermarket, doctor’s office, the local school, mall, department store, spa, gym, and you will find pens everywhere! Businesses that choose these pens are utilizing the best form of advertising outside of online social media networking. Furthermore, pens are popular items that people keep the longest. Everyone uses them, and if someone’s favorite pen happens to be one with a particular company’s logo, address, and phone number on it, that company will certainly gain in popularity and possibly acquire a number of new customers.


Pens are resourceful, inexpensive, and far-reaching. They can be used at any event from charity get-togethers to large seminars. They are a product that fits any marketing tool and used by thousands, perhaps millions, of businesses around the world every day with astounding results. It’s easy to see why pens are still the most popular promotional item in the world, everyone uses them! stop using pens. It’s true. A Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study carried out in eight countries like the United States, Italy, France, and UK, revealed that promotional pens are the number one promotional item favored by businesses, institutions, and consumers. In fact, writing instruments came in first followed by shirts and bags. Pens are fantastic for taking quick notes even with the technological age upon us. Sometimes it’s just quicker to take out a pen than opening a particular application on a mobile phone to jot down information.


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